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Professional and Efficient Moving Services

Whether you’re moving a five-bedroom house or a modest apartment, your personal items, valuables, and furniture are what really matter. When you hire the experts at Premier Designs & Moving, you know that you’re getting professional long-distance movers who take care to secure your assets. We don’t believe in cutting corners. Every individual home is different, which is where our over 5 years of experience truly shines. Our creative and efficient staff treats every client with the respect, professionalism, and integrity they deserve. We understand the stress involved with letting others handle your possessions. Our years of expertise handling moving jobs of all sizes have cemented us as the respected professional home movers we are today.

residential moving

Easing Your Stress Away

While you worry about setting up your new home and getting your affairs in order, allow us to do the heavy lifting. Premier Designs & Moving offers premium moving services other companies lack. When you decide to book your residential moving services with us, you get a dedicated team of passionate and considerate movers. Our staff listens to your concerns and respects your belongings. Once we schedule your move, we develop a strategy unique to your home and assets. We operate with different teams depending on your needs, including two, three, four, and six-man crews. These crews work tirelessly to pad, wrap, and load all of your boxes and furniture. Delicate and extra valuable items are paid close attention to. If you have fragile items such as mirrors, artwork, or china, they will be padded and shrink wrapped before loaded onto our truck. This secures and ensures everything gets to where it’s going unharmed.

Taking the Extra Steps

Moving comes in different stages. There’s deciding, organizing, packing, loading, transit, unloading, and unpacking. After all the effort has gone into the first half, when you get to your new home, all you want to do is relax and take a load off. Fortunately for you, our residential moving services include furniture set up as well. That’s right! Our passionate team of local movers continues to offer their packing and unpacking services even after the “moving” part of the job has finished. They organize and construct your furniture so you can focus on your personal assets. You’ll never want to move by yourself again. Request a free quote today and start moving smarter with Premier Designs & Moving.