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Efficient Movers with a Delicate Touch

One of the most stressful aspects of moving is securing and shipping your precious art and other valuables. You can trust the moving experts with over 5 years of experience moving and installing art with all of your assets. Our team of movers is dedicated to providing you with the top-of-the-line moving services and packing services you would expect from curators handling your art. After we disassemble and properly package your art for your move, we’re more than happy to reinstall it at your new location. As large art pieces can be cumbersome, our team works directly with you to install it perfectly where you want it. For trusted local movers, and quality long distance movers, the team at Premier Designs & Moving can make sure your valuables arrive on-time and intact.


Elegant Art Installations

Similar to how we assemble your furniture, dispose of your trash, and drop off donations, our experienced team performs art installations as well. While you focus on unpacking your personal belongings, leave the heavy lifting to us. Once we have a consultation about where and how to install your art fixture, we’ll go to work, carefully setting up your pieces in a beautiful fashion. Our installation teams are knowledgeable of all hanging and mounting processes, including electronic mounting, water fixtures, and other specialty services. No matter the size or complicity of your art pieces, our staff has the years of experience needed to handle anything.

TV Mounting and Other Electronic Installations

Installing a home theater or planning to wall-mount your TV? Take advantage of our extensive installation programs that include electronics mounting. Mounting your television requires hours of patience, specific tools and mounting equipment, and prior knowledge. Avoid the frustration and waste of an afternoon attempting to mount your TV. Our expert technicians have years of experience mounting and installing all sizes of entertainment systems in different houses. While you focus on relaxing and unpacking your personal items, let our team efficiently and effortlessly install your TV wall-mount. All you have to do is tell us where you want it- we’ll take care of the rest.

Trust the Movers with Experience

Our art and television mounting services are available as a package with your moving services or as a standalone process. We are also available for pick-up and delivery of your art and valuable electronics. When it comes to handling the valuable and important items in your move, trust the home movers with experience. Call Premier Designs & Moving today and get a free quote.