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North American Packing and Moving Services

There are many reasons people generally despise home moving. But at Premier Designs & Moving, we’re the moving company that does it all for you. One of the most prominent reasons is packing. How many times have you said or heard a friend mention, “I haven’t even started packing yet?” Dreading packing is almost a rite of passage at this point. Fortunately for you, in addition to providing you with our efficient and personal moving services, we offer packing services and unpacking services! Like a game of Tetris, our professional staff secures your items in specific places, maximizing efficiency while cutting down on waste. Utilizing specific techniques paired with our superior packing materials, your items will make it to their new location completely unscathed. By taking inventory of your assets and carefully packing them, we ensure safe transit and delivery.

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Meet Our Organization Experts

Our team of considerate and efficient home movers has been packing and long-distance moving for over 5 years. Over the years, we’ve become quite proficient in our line of work. You can expect our crews to secure your belongings in tidy boxes, all clearly labeled and organized. By staying neat, we make it easier to identify your boxes upon delivery to your new location. When you get to your new home, your boxes will be organized in their respective rooms, ready to go. Be ready to resume your life in your new home as soon as possible.

Care and Comfort with Your Assets

In addition to marking and organizing your boxes in your current home, our local movers can unpack your assets into your new location as well. We put items away such as dishes and linens, making sure they’re washed, folded, and stored properly. No traces of packing materials or boxes will be found. By the time you get to your home, you’ll practically be moved in! Do you have precious art, china, crystal, antiques, or other fragile valuables? Trust the experts at Premier Designs & Moving to properly secure, insulate, pack, ship, and unpack your special assets in your new location. Not only do we unpack your items, but we are also more than happy to install and hang your art as well!